All About...Tipis & Wigwams

Glamping in Tipis

Possibly the closest form of glamping to camping is staying in a Tipi (also Tepee/Teepee) associated with Native Americans. Tipis are often confused with Wigwams but as you will see in the next section they are both different types of accommodation in their own right.

A Tipi offers more luxury than a traditional tent. Visibly from the outside, they are much more appealing and offer a sense of occasion. On the inside, most have beds, cushions and furniture offering a more relaxing environment to spend your time.  A Traditional Tipi would have had an open fire in the middle with smoke escaping through a small opening at the top. However, this is not common in the UK... and when glamping in a Tipi, more traditional camping methods of cooking and washing apply.


As mentioned earlier a Wigwam is a completely different dwelling to a Tipi.  The original Wigwams and Tipis were both used by Native Americans - Wigwams were usually to be found in the American South West. They are a domed shelter with many different variations depending of culture and materials to hand.  The modern day Wigwam is generally a wooden structure, still a domed shape, thus differing it from the aforementioned Tipis!

Similar to the Tipi, the Wigwam offer a more traditional camping experience with the additional luxury of beds and some basic furniture.

So if you can imagine sitting outside your very own Tipi or Wigwam cooking on an open fire, chatting with friends and being at one with nature then a Tipi/Wigwam holiday may be for you.