Stay in a Shepherds Hut...

In the 19th century, the shepherd's hut was used so that a shepherd could live on the fields for extended periods of time. Allowing him to oversee his flock day and night in relative comfort.  Although simple inside, the hut was heated with a stove providing valuable heat and somewhere to prepare a basic meal or make a pot of tea.Fast forward to 2012 and the Shepherd Hut has become a favourite among Glampers.  Although still basic the hut is more like a little cottage (ok a tiny one!)  Providing it’s occupant with a solid structure as opposed to canvas, with many now offering a toilet and even shower facilities.  Sleeping arrangements are generally provided by a sofa which converts into a double bed much like in some caravans or on board small boats.


How Many People Can A Shepherd Hut Sleep?

The majority of Shepherd huts sleep 2 however, families could choose to have two huts next door to each other whilst some places offer additional small beds or cribs for young children and babies in the same hut.


Beautifully constructed Shepherd Huts make fine places to glamp.   They also offer a sense of British tradition and it’s quite easy to imagine yourself as a shepherd 100 years ago overlooking your flock of sheep with a cup of freshly brewed tea from the stove (digestives optional).


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