Staying in a Bell Tent


Bell Tents were used by the British during the Crimean war.  Although today’s tents are a far cry from the basic canvas structures of 1855. In fact it can be said that a modern Bell Tent is more akin to a 5 star boutique hotel than a tent.  Although, you’ll probably have to cook your own breakfast unless you are staying somewhere like the River Cottage Pop Up Hotel!


So what is a Bell Tent like inside?  There are many varieties depending on your price bracket but it is fair to say that a Bell Tent is most certainly the most glamped up of glamping experiences.  They offer a luxury safari style accommodation with many having in-built luxury bathrooms (some even having roll topped baths), substantial wooden furniture and the most comfortable of beds.  A good Bell Tent is likely to make you hope it rains so you can stay in all day!  Especially if your Bell Tent comes equipped with a wood burning stove to keep you nice and warm and to make a nice cup of tea!



Although Bell Tents are spacious they are generally not separated into different rooms.  So it may be better for some families to opt for two tents next to each other… especially if you want to get away from noisy teenagers.


To find out more about Bell Tent accommodation in the UK please view our Bell Tent Listings:



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