Also known as boutique camping, posh camping or comfy camping.  Glamping allows travellers to experience nature without giving up on life little luxuries. It also negates the need to find pitches and put up tents whilst importantly freeing up time to open a bottle of Chablis and sit back and relax – just what a holiday is for.

Thanks to this “revolutionary” form of camping one of the most exciting sections of the holiday accommodation industry was born. It’s certainly fun looking through the wide variety and styles of Glamping on offer.  Many people have now heard of the Tipis, Wigwams,  Bell Tents Yurts and Shepherds huts and there is certainly something for every taste and budget, however there are many more glamping accommodation types to consider!  Here are some of them…


Loch Ness Glamping


Similar to wooden wigwams, these provide lovely luxury style glamping, with beds, shower and toilets facilities.

Iconic Campers

VW Camper Van Hire:

We love the nostalgic feelings these ‘vans bring us! Take yourself off to wherever you choose with a wonderful camper van.

Gypsy Caravan, Cornwall 

Gypsy/Romany Caravan:

What could be more romantic than to stay in a Gypsy caravan? Some even offer a B&B option!


Dome Tent @ Cosy Under Canvas

Dome Tents:

Incredibly spacious, these wonderful tents are a great way to glamp!


Camping Pod, Ruthern Valley – Cornwall


Camping Pods

These are generally more basic than many of the Glamping options, and offer a wooden structure, rather than canvas. Practical and a great way to camp!



Cottage on Wheels – Swallowtail Hill

Cottages on Wheels

These are similar to shepherd huts, but a bit more “cottagey!” – very cute, and these are the first we have seen of these!



Safari Tents – Dawn Chorus Holidays, Suffolk

Safari Tents

These are similar to Bell Tents, but larger – these are inspired by the wonderful Safari Tents found out in Africa, and typically have a couple of rooms, so great for a family holiday where you have teenagers wanting their own room!


Converted Railway Carriage at Holly Farm, Somerset

Converted Railway Carriages

So lovely! We have just had this glamping category added to our site, and we think they’re delightful. The same sort of size as a largish Shepherds hut, principally the same sort of idea, just a bit different!


Let us know if we have missed any out!